This stunning concept vehicle from Toyota could be the future of City driving

Toyota unveiled a glimpse of the future at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this month in the form of the FV2. This single- seater pod is straight from the set of Tron and promises to make City driving 100 times more fun and infinitely cooler. It can be driven either sitting or “perching” (a bit like riding a jet-ski) and does away with antiquated frivolities such as a steering wheel, instead reacting to the driver shifting his or her body position, “like riding a horse” according to Toyota.

The electric vehicle uses smart technology to connect with nearby cars, giving you warnings about traffic in your blind spot or at dangerous junctions. It uses image and voice recognition to control almost every aspect of the driving experience, including reading your gestures and facial expressions. Pertinent information is beamed onto the windscreen using augmented reality. Even better, if you get sick of the body colour, you can change it at will. Don’t expect to see them on the streets of the City anytime soon, though – it’s a concept design and has no slated date to go into production.